MATERNITY PHOTOGRAPHY:  We have 4 of our own special bundles of joy. At the time of 2 of their births, the best technology available was a 35mm camera. With the expense of the film itself, and the cost of development we took very few photos. With the arrival of our 3rd, we starting take more photographs, both before and after the birth. Even so, we have very few pictures of the pregnancy time. With the 4th, we have excellent quality and beautifully composed photographs, and some very special memories of the pregnancy. If we had the opportunity to go back in time we would surely have captured this special time with pictures. You only have one shot to capture the moment and preserve the memories that will last a lifetime!!

BIRTH PHOTOGRAPHY:  That first miraculous breath, the strength of labor, the tears of joy (from mom and dad), the cutting of the cord. These first photographs of your Bundle-of-Joy will be taken to preserve the modesty of the new mom, unless she wishes a more graphic/depictive style. We will photograph using available light and without flash. This will allow mom to concentrate on the birth and not on the camera.  These sessions will need to be booked as early as possible, as we only "schedule" 2 of these a month.

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